2023 Art Basel, Hong Kong

The Portrait series is Michael Lau’s latest practice in 2022, in which the artist fused personal stylized elements with the art historical pioneers on intimate canvases, paying tribute to those masters who have expanded the possibilities in art in their respective fields while incorporating his distinctive painting styles and motifs – elements of flowers, slogans, post-it notes, and price tags – a further development from those masters’ contributions. Unlike traditional portraitures, works in the Portrait series deliberately avoid the delicate depiction of the figure's features, relying instead on stylized contours and visual symbols related to the subject of the painting...

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2023 Splendid Park, Kunsthalle, K11 Art & Cultural Centre, Hong Kong

10 Feb – 5 Mar 2023 “The true beauty of spring always finds its way to thrive beyond the fences.” —Michael Lau  SPLENDID PARK, Hong Kong artist Michael Lau’s debut institutional exhibition, presents near 40 artworks including paintings and sculptures created from 2011–2022, featuring iconic series in the artist's oeuvre including Gardener, Package Change, First Encounter, Soliloquy, Master, Flower, and Portrait. In the last two decades, Lau has played a pivotal role in leading the global upsurge of collectible designer toys heralded by Gardener, an avant-garde figurine series created in the 1990s that embody the quintessence of Hong Kong street...

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2022 In The Garden, LGDR Gallery, Hong Kong

In The Garden, LGDR Gallery, Hong Kong July 14 - August 27, 2022 In the Garden presents 18 new works from Hong Kong contemporary artist Michael Lau’s Flower series. Lau began the series in 2020, engaging figurative floral portraits, vivid color, and text to convey a philosophy he summarizes with the statement, “With flowers in the face, minds will be in the garden”—a call for positivity in facing the challenges of today’s world. Combining personal life experiences with signature elements of street life and pop culture, Lau boldly renders feelings of optimism, joy, and hope. In the Flower series, Lau...

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