2023 MihoYo Zenless Zero Zone Pop-up, West Bund Dome, Shanghai, China

Michael Lau
《無序之序》Order of Chaos, 2023 鍍鋅鋼、玻璃鋼 Galvanized steel, Fiberglass 719 × 407 × 550 釐米 cm 以無序之態,予有序之境

To find order in the state of chaos

劉建文(Michael Lau)是中國香港著名藝術家,素有“Figure 教父的美譽。 歷經近三十年的 實踐演變,劉建文有意識地遊走於當代藝術和流行文化之間,持續探索傳統藝術媒介與街頭及 流行文化相碰撞的視覺可能性。 應米哈遊《絕區零》的邀請,藝術家從遊戲世界觀和極具潮 流復古感的美學氛圍中汲取靈感,以遊戲中的邦布(Bangboo)”形象為藍本,創作全新藝術 裝置。

作品《無序之序》是遊戲哲學與藝術美學的碰撞。 在《絕區零》中,世界因神秘的超自然災 害「空洞」變得紊亂無序,而一座另類的城市「新艾利都」 隨之崛起,其中説明這座城市有 序運轉的得力助手「邦布」,被藝術家重組成一套精密的支撐結構,天平狀的零部件組合類比 出一種平衡的體態。

作品所呈現的這種狀態也意指《絕區零》中傳達的精神內涵:人們在看似無序的姿態和境地 下,依然積極熱忱地生活著,投射出一種有序的態度和境界。

Known as the “Godfather of designer toys,” Michael Lau is a renowned artist from Hong Kong, China. Having experimented creatively for almost thirty years, Lau consciously positions himself between contemporary art and pop culture as he consistently explores visual possibilities wherein traditional art forms and street elements collide. Commissioned by miHoYo’s Zenless Zone Zero, Michael Lau created his latest installation, Order of Chaos. Featuring the game’s main character, Bangboo, the installation is heavily influenced by Zenless Zone Zero's worldview and retro aesthetics.

Order of Chaos witnesses an encounter between gaming philosophy and artistic expressions. In Zenless Zone Zero, the world is plagued by a mysterious supernatural calamity known as the Hollows. From the chaos emerges order in the form of New Eridu - a new kind of city established by the people with the help of Bangboo. In Order of Chaos, Bangboo is reassembled by the artist, now appearing as an intricate supportive structure. Collectively the individual parts form into a scale, out of which a symmetrical stance emerges.