2022 Collect them all!, Guardian Art Centre, Beijing

Collect them all!, Guardian Art Centre, Beijing

Why “Collect Them All!”? Because Michael Lau insists that true collectors are possessed by an unquenchable thirst to acquire all the objects that they desire.

He believes that a meaningful collection should not be assessed by its monetary value, but should, more importantly, evoke feelings of nostalgia and sentiment. A prized collection allows one to delve into memories of the past, provides consolation in times of emptiness, and enriches and elevates the spirit. Michael believes that in the eyes of the collector, objects – whether they be paintings, jewelry, watches, sneakers, or furniture – can provide emotional value, in the same way, that toys can provoke wonder and curiosity.

“Collect Them All!" exhibition at China Guardian Beijing presents Michael Lau's new works in the past two years. With four series of works namely “Method”, “First Encounter”, “Soliloquy” and “Crazychildren”, the exhibition presents the artist's thoughts on his surroundings, perception of life and self-reflection during the two-years’ global shutdown. The monumental painting of 5.5m in height is the artist's tribute to the great master Picasso and an embodiment of his hope that humanity will unite to overcome the crisis.

In today’s fast-changing world, when NFT and the metaverse are rapidly entering contemporary context, how can we embrace new things and create our own perspective? “Collect Them All!” invites you to see the world with open eyes, full of curiosity, as in a child. If life can be viewed as if it is our very first sight, the encounter will surely be welcomed by a young heart.


為什麼是“包圓兒!” (Collect Them All!)? 因為 Michael 認為真正的收藏家對鍾愛之物均擁有無限熱情,不把心頭愛全部收藏絕不甘休。他相信有意義的收藏不應只聚焦金錢價值,更應建基 於個人的情感和經歷。收藏能讓人重拾重要記憶,填補心靈缺失,豐富當下精神生活。而他認為在收藏家眼中,無論是繪畫、珠寶、手錶、球鞋或傢俱等不同形式的東西,在本質上都是滿足人類情感而產生的物件,就像玩具一樣可以帶給人們莫大的喜悅。

“包圓兒!” (Collect Them All! )北京嘉德展覽呈現劉建文近兩年的全新作品,通過四個系列:“方法”,“初見”,“自言自語”和“瘋狂兒童”,展現藝術家在全球停擺的非凡兩年裡,對外

界社會的思考,生命的感悟及自我的反省。其中一件 5.5 米的巨幅畫作,是藝術家向大師畢卡索的致敬,也是寄望人類齊心共渡難關的期許。

瞬息萬變的今天,當 NFT 和元宇宙迅速進入當代視野,如何擁抱新事物,創造自己的天地?