2022 In The Garden, LGDR Gallery, Hong Kong

In The Garden, LGDR Gallery, Hong Kong July 14 - August 27, 2022 In the Garden presents 18 new works from Hong Kong contemporary artist Michael Lau’s Flower series. Lau began the series in 2020, engaging figurative floral portraits, vivid color, and text to convey a philosophy he summarizes with the statement, “With flowers in the face, minds will be in the garden”—a call for positivity in facing the challenges of today’s world. Combining personal life experiences with signature elements of street life and pop culture, Lau boldly renders feelings of optimism, joy, and hope. In the Flower series, Lau...

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2022 Collect them all!, Guardian Art Centre, Beijing

Collect them all!, Guardian Art Centre, Beijing Why “Collect Them All!”? Because Michael Lau insists that true collectors are possessed by an unquenchable thirst to acquire all the objects that they desire. He believes that a meaningful collection should not be assessed by its monetary value, but should, more importantly, evoke feelings of nostalgia and sentiment. A prized collection allows one to delve into memories of the past, provides consolation in times of emptiness, and enriches and elevates the spirit. Michael believes that in the eyes of the collector, objects – whether they be paintings, jewelry, watches, sneakers, or furniture...

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