Crazychildren series
Vinyl artoy - H 330 x w 150 x T 140 mm
Wooden box - H 420 x W 240 x T 240 mm
Certificate of Authenticity - H 110 x W 53 x T 53mm
Gross weight - 3.5kg
Limited edition 99pcs

Product specifications or design may vary slightly in final delivery due to fine tuning deemed necessary by the Artist.  

HK$4,699.00 / US$599 each*
Ballot to open : Feb 22 1pm (HKT)
Ballot to close : Feb 24 1pm (HKT)
Results announcement: By Feb 28 (HKT)
Delivery : From March 2023


The SALVATOR MICHAEL “AMOR” by Michael Lau that celebrates “Love”, is a limited edition launch at crazysmiles.com website, limited to an edition of 99 worldwide.

Each SALVATOR MICHAEL ARTOY comes with a mini SALVATOR MICHAEL figure that is printed with the Artist’s signature and numbered for authentication as an original piece.

The character SALVATOR MICHAEL was first introduced in Lau’s ‘Collect them All!’ exhibition at Christie’s Hong Kong in 2018 and featured as a highlight within the exhibition in painting and sculpture form where Michael Lau reimagines da Vinci's Salvator Mundi in his own image.

SALVATOR MICHAEL holds the fortuitous gashapon capsule toy in his left hand, while giving a benediction with his right hand raised and two fingers crossed, as a gesture blessing collector in their quest to Collect Them All, whatever the kind of ‘toy’ different collector may be pursuing in their journey.

As the creator figure combines with the godfather of vinyl art toy, the work celebrates the broadening of genres within the art world and engages the viewer with its charming mixture of creativity, wit, humour and fun, while serving as a testimonial to the artist’s statement of ‘ALL ART ARE TOYS, ALL TOYS ARE ART.’

*Please visit ballot.crazysmiles.com to enter into ballot from Feb 22 1pm (Hong Kong time) to Feb 24 1pm (Hong Kong time) 2023, for your chance to purchase the Salvator Michael Amor Artoy. All customers who are successful will receive email notification by Feb 28, 2023 from shop@crazysmiles.com after the ballot takes place to complete payment. Payment must be completed within 3 working days from date of receiving email notification, otherwise, the right to purchase is assumed forfeit. Participant should assume their application unsuccessful if they do not receive the email.